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You've heard of the 'vast right-wing conspiracy', haven't you? Well, its not such a far fetched notion. Think about the incomprehensible decisions by the Republican party leadership to 'reconcile'  with the Democrats who've wrecked havoc upon our country and economy.  Why would they support Obamacare? Why would they vote in favor of more 'stimulus' bills? I believe I know the answer.

Think about the outspoken criticism against Sarah Palin, Herman Cain, Michele Bachman, the Tea Party et al, from our party leaders. I believe our Republican leadership have truly abandoned the conservative values of their base and in their actions, reveal their true intentions to follow closely behind the Democrat party as they continue to build the Federal Government into a hugh leviathan.

The current vitriol levelled at Donald Trump has at it's core not just the MSM and the Democrat party. There are also those who assist this unprecedented attack against a sitting president. They may be among the names listed below - only time will tell whether they return our country towards its constitutional base. I believe President Trump knows he's got a fight on his hands NOT only with the opposition party - but also with enemies among those whose should support him. Whatever his faults, he is tenacious - and will not back down without a fight. It's that willingness to fight for America's constitutional resurgence that has my attention. Again - only time will tell if even he stays the course. I hope he does.

What follows is a list of the Repbulican leadership I believe are responsible for the Democrats being in power these long 8 years - and who secretly support the direction the country was going under Democrat party leadership;

1. Speaker - Paul Ryan
2. Majority Leader - Kevin McCarthy
3. Majority Whip - Steve Scalise
4. Republican Conference Chaiman - Cathy Rodgers
5. Republican Policy Committee Chairman - Luke Messer

1. Senate President - Vice President Michael Pence
2. Republican Leader - Mitch McConnell
3. Assistant Republican Leader - John Cornyn
4. Republican Conference Chariman - John Thune
5. Vice Chairman - Senate Republican Conference - Roy Blunt
6. Republican Policy Committee Chairman - John Barrasso
7. Republican Senatorial Committee Chairman - Cory Gardner

These are the people responsible for Republican party policy and decisions. Some are NOT household names, yet these people make decisions [or influence them] that are decidedly NOT conservative in nature and often seem more conciliatory towards Democrat party positions.

The current positions they enjoy are for a limited time only. We hope with anticipation they will change the direction our country has been traveling for some time and return to it's constitutional roots.

Should they continue the current trend - they need to be voted out of office at the earliest opportunity. 
If we do not replace them, our country will, as surely as the sun rises, continue it's march towards socialism and the utlimate destruction of the American middle class.

Dis-Honorable Mention in the MSM (These people should know better, but use their influence subtly to shift American to the left)

a. Karl Rove
b. Charle Krauthammer
c. George Will
d. David Brooks
e. Bill O'Reilly
f. Paul Gigot
g. Peggy Noonan