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This blog got started as I began writing in my journal about the things that caught my attention. I gradually became aware that my personal quest for cultural truth was often at odds with what I believed to be actually true. Living in Massachusetts has some wonderful aspects. The fact that most people here are liberal democrats would not surprise anyone. What might is that there seems to be a collective, cultural disinterest in any ideas outside of that liberal democrat mindset. This was brought most forcibly forward during the election in which Barack H. Obama was elected president of the United States. What was his background? What was his character? Was he qualified to lead the country? These questions I asked my friends, who treated any honest inquiry dismissively.

At the same time, these same friends, people I loved and admired, quite ferociously denigrated any conservative republican leaders or ideas - often without a shred of personal investigation. This really bothered me to the point that I made it a personal quest to find out things for myself - rather than rely on the MSM [the main stream media - as it's now popularly called]. What I found truly alarmed me.

My conclusions are that the Republican party leadership has betrayed it's constituents. They do not represent traditional conservative values and may not have for some time. The Democrat party leadership has adopted a  party platform ideology similar to the Communist Party.
What to do. After disucssion with family and friends, they suggested I start a blog.

This is the result.