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Repeated time-consuming, resource draining and specious litigation is the hall-mark of liberal activists who target those who 'disagree' with their agenda. Consider the situation of David Daleiden and Dandra Merrit. They secretly recorded the meetings with Planned Parenthood. Normally, this would be referred to by the MSM as a 'sting' operation - with no concerns about privacy at all. Exposed for their callous attitude, PP fought back with more than one round of trumped-up lawsuits. I am hopeful that the people at CMP forsaw this eventuality and lined up supporters to assist with the coming legal battles that must certainly ensue.

In my previous article I discussed the issues around the single remaining indictment from PP against CMP. Namely, that the discussion of fetal body parts are not the focus of the lawsuit - just the invasion of privacy. They did not focus nor mention the practices, only that their privacy was at issue. The fact that the practices were not defended, indeed, not even mentioned, says a great deal about how PP view little babies. They call them 'fetuses' and fetal tissue - not babies. (But as the rest of the world knows, we call them babies.) 

Famously, the Democrat party has allied itself with the practices PP provides as if there were nothing at all wrong with them. Any collection of people, whether they be a political party or otherwise, that supports such practices needs some careful and thoughtful review. What I remember of the Roe v Wade discussion certainly did not envision this result, however, the steady progress towards the current situation has had steady signposts all along the way that indicated we were heading in this direction. In the next several blogs, I'll review how this movement got started and how we ended up here.